Welcome to Level 2 - Paisa To Banega Intraday School

Dear Learner,

Thank you for your application for Level 2.

We have created this level as many traders make mistakes, face losses and they invest too much time during their journey without fruitful results. We know that to make money in Intraday trading traders will need smart strategies. Apart from strategies traders also need solid risk management methods and techniques. 

You will get strategies, methods and techniques in videos and we will also give you the PDFs so that you can go through them anytime.

Additionally, your Level 3 will be activated so that you can get support through email and whatsapp. 

Kindly use below "Pay Now" button to process the fees.  Email us at PaisatobanegaIntradaySchool@gmail.com or whatsapp at 9662002545 with the confirmation of the payment.

We wish you the very best for your profitable journey. 


PaisaToBanega Intraday School