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Hello and welcome to PaisaToBanega Intraday School

This school is established by the founders of PaisaToBanega – Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar. We are residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat – a place where “Business” is the first word babies learn!

We are sure that if you are visiting this website for Intraday Trading then you are either new to intraday trading or you have faced loss in intraday trading or you are making small profit but want to make serious profit or if you are getting back to square one every now and then. We have designed few questions and answers which will help you understand about PaisaToBanega Intraday School. If you are someone who does not like to read and are a bit lazy then you can watch this video.

Who are we?

We are two best friends and best business partners from Ahmedabad. Our names are Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar. Our passion for stock market, business and coaching brought us together. We have few values which we never compromise and we say NO to many good things.

What is PaisaToBanega?

Paisa To Banega is an initiative which we took in mid 2018 in India. We wanted to address few major challenges which traders face. We came online on YouTube and focused on Intraday Trading. We hate tips and short cuts. We have shared some of the best risk management, loss management and money management methods which were not available earlier to Indian traders. Few major things which we have experienced in this journey are:

  1. More than 30,000 People have subscribed to our YouTube Channel
  2. More than 1 crore minutes of our videos have been watched
  3. More than 3000 traders joined in our official programs
  4. Entered into the collaboration with Upstox
  5. Introduced Counter Trading method – Major loss management system
  6. We have established Paisa To Banega Options School
What is our aim?

Our aim is to make people capable. We love coaching and mentoring. We love to pass on what we have learned. It is so amazing and beautiful to see someone made a progress in their life because of you. Nothing makes us happy when we get a message or a feedback that they were able to progress and move one step ahead in life because of us.

Why we established PaisaToBanega Intraday School?

Intraday trading is very popular and it is the highest traded market within and outside India. Most of the traders start their journey through intraday trading; however, many trades do not achieve desired success in intraday trading. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of traders and we identified following challenges:

  1. Most of the traders do not know the basics of intraday
  2. Traders who have basic knowledge do not have right strategies
  3. Traders who have right strategies do not know setups and adjustments
  4. Traders lose big money because of knowledge gap
  5. Traders lose big money due to tips and services
  6. Traders don’t have right mindset for intraday
  7. Most of the traders do not have time or they are doing job or occupied in profession
  8. Traders do not have right mentor or coach

We wanted to address these unattended challenges. We thought of establishing an Intraday School to give serious, dedicated and practical solutions of these challenges.

How PaisaToBanega Intraday School will work?

We will operate the school online – through website and youtube. We do have a vision to establish a stock market academy in India but it will take some time. Right now education, knowledge, courses, guidance and coaching will be provided through videos, email and Whatsapp.

Who can join PaisaToBanega Intraday School?

Anyone can join Paisa To Banega Intraday School. We designed this school so it does not restrict anyone regardless of their knowledge, status and availability. If you have zero knowledge or if you are a professional or if you have made loss or if you are a student or if you are a housewife – anyone can join this school.

Is Intraday Trading Complex?

If you find something complex this means you do not have a right teacher. Even History and Economics are interesting and fun. It is just that we lack right teachers who do not create curiosity for a specific subject. Intraday trading is not complex. It is fun and it is very interesting. Do not worry at all.

What if I do not have much time?

You can learn at anytime and from anywhere based on your availability. We have designed solutions and courses wherein you just need to watch videos. Where you have doubts connect with us via email and Whatsapp.

How PaisaToBanega Intraday School will teach?

We have created three ways to help traders become master in Intraday Trading:

  1. Extremely Basic Videos and Timely updates via YouTube Channel
  2. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 for those who want to become master in Intraday trading
What is PaisaToBanega Intraday Master Course?

We believe that if you want to make income or capital from Intraday then you should take it as a journey. To make your journey easy, we have designed three levels.

So let us take you further by guiding you through the arrangement we have made in Intraday school.

You can first understand the Course then you can explore the Course Levels then you can also go through our YouTube Channel. You can also read the testimonials and feedbacks from other traders to whom we coached and helped out. You can contact us if you have any queries.

We wish you all the best and we wish you lots of happiness!


Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar
Founders @ Paisa To Banega


Paisa To Banega Intraday School – Master Course in Intraday Trading

We have designed a Master Course for Intraday Trading. We have invested lots of effort to design this course. We have understood the challenges faced by beginners. We have understood the challenges for first time intraday traders. We have understood the challenges faced by experienced traders. We then designed this course by making sure that in your journey as a trader you learn and grow without facing blind losses and without facing trading pain.

We have created 3 levels for this course so that you can experience your learning and your progress as a journey.

Let us now introduce you the 3 levels of the Master Course in Intraday Trading.

Level 1

Intraday trading for beginners – Free Video Course

Course fee: Free

Level 2

Master in Intraday Trading – Video Course

Course fee: Rs 3000

Level 3

Receive guidance & support through email and WhatsApp

Fee: Free


Paisa To Banega Intraday School – Levels of Intraday Trading


In Level 1 – You can first make your foundation knowledge strong about Intraday Trading. Many traders believe that they know basics but they are wrong. Many traders right away jump into strategies. We recommend that first you make basics strong. We have designed a simple and solid video course for this. It is completely free.



In order to become master in intraday trading you will need to have solid risk management methods, money management methods, loss management methods, serious strategies, counter trading methods, techniques and right mindset. We have covered everything in this course so that you can start your journey without heavy pain and unnecessary mistakes.



Many traders do not realize but they need guidance and support. It is easy to believe that once we know the basics and once we know the strategies then we can do anything. In order to make income or capital from your intraday trading you need guidance because you will be making mistakes because decisions need to be checked and because stock market is a place where there is no end point for learning.

As soon as you enter into Level 2 – we will activate Level 3. You will be provided support and guidance through WhatsApp and email.

Open Account In Upstox In Collaboration With PaisaToBanega

In Intraday Trading, brokerage cost should be very low. Brokerage saved is PROFIT for us. Open an account in Upstox which is backed by Ratan Tata and is a discount broker with very minimum brokerage cost.


Paisa To Banega Intraday School – Testimonials From The Traders

Suresh from Rajkot

Thank god I found Paisa To Banega. No one taught me about the Intraday trading like Paisa To Banega. I was facing so many problems and now I am on right track. I used to watch videos on youtube and most of the videos do not make any sense. I came across Paisa To Banega channel and since then I have been able to trade very effectively. I give lots of blessings to Paisa To Banega - Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir.

Mayur from Mumbai

While the world is becoming more and more selfish and market is becoming full of fraudster Paisa To Banega has selflessly delivered amazing knowledge and education to struggling intraday traders. I am very thankful for their hard work and efforts. I follow them regularly and I learned a lot. I wish I could have found them earlier.

Kartik from Pune

I made a big loss in intraday trading and then I came across Paisa To Banega. The videos were so helpful that entire weekend I watched the videos and then I contacted them. The guidance, the methods and the risk management are so unique that I never implemented them. I slowly started recovering my loss and I have been in touch with Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir since then. God bless them.

Aarti from Ahmedabad

I knew nothing about trading. I knew nothing about Intraday. I was attracted towards the stock market but I was looking for someone who can coach me correctly. My husband recommended Paisa To Banega and since then I am a huge fan of their work. The way videos are made, the way guidance is given and the way focus is on middle class traders. I have learned so much about the intraday and already started my journey. I recommend everyone to join Paisa To Banega if they are looking for a genuine coach.

Sanjiv from Udaipur

I lost big by following tips from Indore companies. I lost trust in stock market and I lost trust in most of the people. I gave up trading and I was facing too many problems in my life. One day I was browsing few videos and then suddenly I came across one video from Paisa To Banega. It is the video where Chetan sir is discussing about the Mad elephant. Somehow I ended up watching many videos. Although I had so many doubts I contacted Paisa To Banega and their response was very amazing. Not only Chetan Sir and Bhavesh Sir taught me, coached me and brought me on right path but they have acted as a family to listen and understand the challenges I was facing. I truely wish them best success.

Chris from Chennai

I am doing a job and I have only few hours for trading. I am in stock market for more than 12 years now. I have tried many things but I always end up on the wrong side. It is like someone is watching me. With the coaching, guidance and support from Paisa To Banega I am now on the stage where I am planning to quit my job. I have a strong capital but it took me more than 2 years to reach to the stage where I can rely on profits from Intraday. My heartful thanks to Paisa To Banega for being so kind and genuine in their work.


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